Diseases of the face constitutes facial deformities, with its attendant social stigma due to its prominence to the outside world.

But the question is:  ARE THE FACIAL DISEASES THE SAME? The answer is NO.


Facial diseases could be grouped into 4 classes:

  1. Facial Clefts: This is birth defect where the lips, the face and roof of the mouth are divided with attendant social stigma. Usually lowered self-esteem, feeding and speech are some of the associated problems.
  2. Facial Swelling: Refers to different categories of swelling that affects the face in which the sufferers will prefer to hide away from the public glare. It affects all ages and could come in different shapes
  3. TMJ Ankylosis (Locked Jaw): Refers to a deformity where the victim is unable to open his/her mouth with attendant deformation of the face. It could be due to many causes including ear infection in infancy and fall. Feeding, speech and social esteem is seriously affected.
  4. Noma (Cancrum Oris): This is described strictly as the face of poverty because is a condition that affects malnourished children. It starts from the gum and spreads to destroy the whole face in a varying proportion determined by the level of immunity in the victim.


Facial diseases present different shades and shapes; the good news is that level of scientific advancement has proffered solution to all of them. Pls advise any affected individual to seek for help early. 



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